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Choosing a good reference photo can be tricky.  I do realize that not every photo will meet the criteria listed below.  These are general guidelines.   If you have a question about your photo of choice, please feel free to ask.

1. Bigger is Better!  The larger the photo, the more I can see.

2. Avoid low resolution photos.  If your photo is pixilated and blurry, then I will be unable to see the details.  I would prefer a photo that is 300 dpi or larger if possible.

3. Light Source:  Please make sure that your photo has a good light source.  This helps me place shading values accurately and allows for more detail to be seen in the photo.

4. If you are ordering a Head/Shoulder portrait, please do not send a full body photo.  This will make the area that I need to see smaller and therefore hard to see the needed details.

5.  Contrast: Does your subject stand out from the background?  If your subject has dark hair and has a dark background, sometimes it is hard to distinguish the fine details in the hair.

6.  Current photos are best.